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Serum360 DuoPeptideFusion

Serum360 DuoPeptideFusion

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Makeup will only get you so far, so give your lashes and brows the diva treatment.

Serum360 contains a concentrated blend of keratin-stimulating peptides, herbal extracts, and exfoliating diamond powder to dramatically condition, lengthen, and volumize lash and brow hair.

With daily use, hair volume, texture, and density are improved in just 3–6 weeks.

Cutting-edge Peptide and Diamond Technology provide immediate and long-term benefits.

Proven lash and brow improvement in just 3–6 weeks.

Can be used under mascara.

Safe for contact lens wearers.

Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17 stimulates keratin. With continuous use, lashes get 25% longer and thicker.

Diamond Powder provides mild exfoliation to improve skin’s surface.

Rose Damascena Flower Oil conditions and thickens lashes for a luxurious experience and impressive long-term results.

Cera Carnauba is rich in fatty acids and esters, which helps keep lashes plump and healthy.

Rosemary Leaf Extract is antioxidant-rich, and Sweet Basil Extract potentially inhibits hair loss.